Why Us?

Most luxurious student accommodation property in Pune

Students & Parents coming from various parts of country and the world experience lot of difficultly after landing at airport or Railway station in Pune. We found after going through tedious university admission procedures in college. Students and Parents second most important issue was accommodation which seldom any college had arrangements. Students and Parents will have to stay almost more than a week to hunt for Rental flats or PG accommodation in nearby location through local estate agents. Even if they had little option there was lot of difficulty as many housing societies had objection was letting out property to bachelors. Also the cost of brokerage and Flat rent is so high that every student has to get in touch with some other same criteria student looking for same accommodation to share the cost of accommodation.

After the hectic registration and other formalities parents have to arrange for Bed, Mattress, Wardrobe, Study, Cable & TV and the list goes on and on… for day to day utilities and man power to fix and clean things.

We did a detailed survey with struggling students and their parents regarding difficulty they were facing in arranging basic things for accommodation. Here is what we got the detailed list of things:


  • Hotel Stay for Minimum One week
  • Rental Cost of Minimum 1BHK in Pune for one year
  • Brokerage payable to Estate Agent
  • Paper Work and registration Cost
  • Purchase of Bed, Mattress, Pillow and Quilts
  • Purchase of Fans & Other electrical Utility
  • Purchase of Wardrobe or Steel Cupboard
  • Cable TV Connection with set-top Box
  • LED TV
  • Bathroom Utilities
  • Day to Day Cleaning Solution
  • Daily Food Arrangement
  • Clean Drinking Water and Kitchen Utilities

Over and above these expenses there are many hidden expenses like transportation etc… There were no arrangements for cleaning or morning tea, breakfast or Dinner for student. Every morning student themselves have to make tea & clean up early morning apart from the rush to reach college and completing their projects. Moreover after expiry of leave and license tenure they have to shift from one place to other thus incurring more expenses and above hassle disturbing their main focus towards academic progress.

We at Unique Luxury Hostel identified all the issues and found out a turnkey one point solution for Students and Parents have made everything available just a click away. Everything is online just fill-in registration form after getting your college admission and check-in with your suitcase in one the most luxurious Student accommodation property in Pune. Our team will help you to settle down and smoothly you will adapt the surrounding and environment of Unique Luxury Hostel as well as your college campus.

For Safety and Security Students have Bio-Metric attendance Access Control & Parents have 24/7 access for CCTV surveillance in common areas of the property so as they can monitor their loved ones.